2019 Purple Paw Award

In 2018, Wyatt was life-flighted to Salt Lake City with a brain tumor. After a successful surgery to have the tumor removed, Wyatt was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma – cancer. Wyatt had the support of his family and a team of doctors to help him fight. But it was Otter who has been Wyatt’s true best friend through this journey.

After the diagnosis, his grandparents wanted to do something for Wyatt. The family brainstormed ways to help ease Wyatt’s stress and bring him some happiness. Wyatt’s mom, Jessica, knew one thing that Wyatt had always been obsessed with were dachshunds.

“We had no intention of ever getting Wyatt a pet. But we were all so desperate to make this sweet little boy happy.” – Jessica

When Wyatt returned home from surgery, Otter was waiting for him.
They had one short week together before Wyatt went back to Salt Lake City with his mom for seven weeks to complete radiation treatment. After watching Wyatt struggle, Jessica had her sister drive up with Otter so Wyatt could have some company and it was just what Wyatt needed to lift his spirits! Otter has been with Wyatt every step of the way since – from accompanying him to doctor appointments, to snuggling at night to bringing much-needed joy to the lives of the entire family.

“I’ve always heard stories about how an animal has helped someone through a tough time, but you can never really understand it until you watch a little puppy save your son.” – Jessica

Congratulations Otter!

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