Adoption and Fees

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In the state of Montana, animals are private property so please bring a form of identification with you before surrendering or adopting an animal. If you have questions regarding the Montana laws, please click here.

Applications for adoption are available by viewing our available animals here. Click on any animal to find their application.

Upon receipt of your application, we can arrange a meet and greet with you and an animal. If you are applying for a dog and you already have a dog at home, a second meet and greet is required between your dogs and the dog you would like to adopt. (Vaccination records for the resident dog are required prior to the dog-to-dog meet and greet.) For more information, please contact us.

We use a variable fee schedule to assign adoption fees. While the above fees are our general adoption fees, they are subject to change.

Some types of dogs and cats are less common and have a higher demand, so their fee might be higher. Other types of dogs and cats are more common, are older, or have special needs. A variable fee structure that assigns higher fees to certain high-demand animals ensures we have the funds to provide for other animals that have special needs and/or a more difficult time finding a new home.


  • Kitten (Younger than 6 months)- $75+*
  • Cat (6 months to 9 years)-$55+
  • Senior Cat ( 9 years +) – $35+

   *Additional costs may apply including spay/neuter deposit for unaltered animals, licenses and other fees. Please see below.


  • Puppy (Younger than 6 months) – $200+ *
  • Young Adult (6 months – 1 year) – $170+
  • Dog (1-7 years) – $140+
  • Senior Dog (7 + years) – up to $120+

                         *Additional costs may apply including spay/neuter deposit for unaltered animals, licenses and other fees. Please see below.

Additional Deposits


The Maclean Cameron Animal Adoption Center has animals that are available for adoption that are both altered and unaltered. Per Montana State Law (7-23-4202) any publicly operated animal shelter may not offer any cat or dog that has not been spayed or neutered; unless a deposit for spaying or neutering the animal has been paid. We require a deposit of:

  • $125 cats/kittens
  • $200 dogs/puppies

The deposit is refundable if the adopter presents proof of alteration of the animal within 30 days of adoption.

Per Montana State Law the spay/neuter deposit must be forfeited if the spaying/neutering is not done within 30 days if the cat or dog is more than 6 months old at the time of adoption; or by the time the animal reaches the age of 6 months if the animal is less than 6 months old at the time of adoption, or within 30 days of the adoption, whichever is longer.


Animals that are more than 16 weeks old are required to have a rabies vaccination. Animals leaving the facility prior to 16 weeks of age will require a rabies vaccine deposit of $30. To learn more about rabies vaccines and laws click here.





Rabies ( Must be 16 weeks to receive rabies vaccination)



Rabies (Must be 16 weeks to receive rabies vaccination)

All animals are medically evaluated on intake. If the animal needs more medical attention than the basics, it will be charted in the animal’s medical records and on their exam sheet. If the animal is sent home with medication, it is the responsibility of the adopter to follow up with their veterinarian regarding the medical condition.

Adoption Package Includes:

Along with your new animal, your adoption package includes:

    • 1 Bag of Science Diet Pet Food
    • Guidebook to Your New Cat or Dog
    • MCAAC FAQ Sheet

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