Become a foster and help…

  • Puppies & Kittens too young for adoption
    • Young ones may come to you with Mom, siblings, or as a single kitten/puppy who came to the Center all alone
  • Cats & Dogs with health issues
  • Cats & Dogs who are experiencing anxiety or other behavioral issues and could use an “in-home” environment while waiting on adoption
  • Cats & Dogs who are long term residents


  • Offer 24/7 phone support with our animal care staff.
  • Cover the health care needs of your foster animal such as vaccinations and general vet care.
  • Provide the opportunity to help and nurture a homeless cat, kitten, dog or puppy for a short time before we find their best foster match.


  • Offer love and respite from a shelter environment
  • Provide exercise and training, a healthy living environment, socialization, any in-home medical care and of course, TLC!
  • Feel rewarded by helping a homeless animal in need by working with our adoption staff in finding their perfect family.

Things to consider before becoming a foster parent…

Do I have the time to spend with a foster animal? Most foster animals need a great deal of quality time for general training, socialization, medical care.. etc.

Do I have adequate and available transportation in case of an emergency? It is the responsibility of a foster parent to provide transportation for medical appointments, emergency care and meet and greet appointments.

Am I financially able and willing to provide supplies such as food and toys? Food, treats and other basic supplies (beds, crates, leash, etc.) may be supplied to you if necessary, depending on availability (these are donation based).

Is everyone in my household on board with helping a homeless animal become more adoptable? Bringing a foster animal home takes a great deal of patience, time and knowledge. We want to ensure everyone is prepared to participate in the care of their new foster animal.

Are my current pets up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered? It is required that all current cats and dogs in your home be up to date and spayed/neutered if age allows.

To join our Foster Care Team, fill out an application below, or contact us for more information!

Foster Application

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