Lucky Seven Match

SEVEN generous donors originated a matching gift of up to $49,000! In December 2022, contributions to our non-profit were MATCHED, meaning double the funds to help animals in need!

Thanks to the efforts of our generous community, we were able to reach our goal by fundraising $49,000 before the new year! With the pledge of our seven kind donors, $98,000 will now be available for our Center to continue sheltering and caring for homeless cats and dogs.

Over the last seven years, since opening our doors in 2015, contributions from our community have helped us achieve the following seven accomplishments:

  • Provide temporary shelter for over 5,000 homeless animals.
  • Find homes for more than 4,000 cats and dogs.
  • Host over 25 Kids’ Camps to educate our youth on the humane treatment of animals.
  • Train over 600 volunteers in the humane care of animals.
  • Establish a Foster Program to reduce shelter overcrowding and caring for special needs animals.
  • Launch an “Emergency Medical Fund” to help offset the cost of unexpected medical care.
  • Create a spay/neuter fund to cover costs associated with surgeries.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s contribution to the Lucky Seven Match! Without you, it could not have been possible. Thank you for getting the new year started off right for our pets in 2023!