Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center Mission: Fostering a caring community for animals by providing shelter, advancing animal welfare, and promoting the bond between animals and humans through innovative programs, education and service.


Providing Shelter

The Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center, located at 900 25th Avenue NE, provides temporary housing for cats and dogs in need. The Center serves Great Falls and North Central Montana. These animals come to us from various sources. Some of our dogs are part of the transfer programs between us and other facilities. We receive both cats and dogs that are surrendered to us due to compatibility issues or living constraints. Others are strays who have not been claimed within the legally required time frame.

Advancing Animal Welfare

Our Kids Camps, held throughout the year, help educate future generations on the importance of humane animal care. Learn more about our camps here.

Promoting the Bond between Animals and Humans

Our Center provides helpful resources to facilitate sustainable adoptions and volunteers provide much needed aid and reap the benefits of unconditional love.