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Cesar Millan LIVE Facebook – Cesar Millan September 7, 2018

KRTV – Cesar Millan Native Video

KRTV – “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan is coming to Great Falls

KRTV – “Community Connection: Cesar Millan hosting fundraiser for MCAAC”

KRTV – “”Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan will host a fundraiser for the MCAAC”

KRTV – “Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer,” is coming to Great Falls”

KRTV – Community Connection: Tails & Ales

KRTV – “Famed “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan is coming to Great Falls”

Great Falls Tribune- “Puppy Love”

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Great Falls Tribune- “Foundation changes name to Maclean Animal Adoption Center”

Great Falls Tribune- “Animal Welfare Center preparing to open doors this spring”

KRTV- “Maclean Animal Adoption Center’s Kid’s Fall Camp Underway”

KRTV- “Latest info on talks between Great Falls Animal Shelter and Maclean Animal Adoption Center”

KRTV- “Giving Tuesday”

KRTV- “Work continues on new Animal Welfare Center in Great Falls”

KRTV- “Great Falls girl opens lemonade stand to help animal-welfare center”

KRTV- “National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day” Underway in Great Falls

KRTV- “Senior pets in Great Falls looking for loving homes”

KRTV- “Great Falls girl celebrates birthday by donating to animal welfare center”

KRTV- “Tree lighting ceremony will honor beloved pets”

KRTV- “Maclean Animal Adoption Center shows off facility at Grand Opening”

KRTV- “Maclean Animal Adoption Center and Great Falls girl team up for Furry Friends Project”

KRTV- “Maclean Animal Adoption Center summer camp registration is now open”

KFBB- “National ‘Adopt a Shelter Pet’ Day Saturday”

KFBB- “For the 5th year in a row “Giving Tuesday” comes around”

KFBB- “National Dog Day celebrated on Friday”

KFBB- “Great Falls Animal Foundation Close to Opening Animal Center”

KFBB- “The Dog Whisperer of Great Falls”

KFBB- “Remember your pets at the “Tree of Love” Memorial Gathering”

KFBB- “Happy Tails Lodge donates money to MAAC”

KFBB- “MAAC cuts debt by $500k”

KFBB- “Animal Education Camp kicks off in Great Falls”

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KFBB- “$5 Million Margaret J. Maclean Animal Adoption Center Set To Open”

KFBB- “A Look Back: the opening of the Maclean Animal Adoption Center”

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KFBB- “Maclean Animal Adoption Center Hosts Holiday Kid’s Camp”

KFBB- “Maclean Animal Adoption Center Seeks City Oversite”

KFBB- “Maclean Animal Adoption Center Looking for Volunteers”

KFBB- “MAAC Receives $400k Donation”