The Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center is run entirely on donations and service income. We receive no funding from government agencies. Our donors’ support allows us to care for many animals in need within our community. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution and help us continue to improve animal welfare in and around Great Falls.

Click on the links below to learn more about each means of giving to the MCAAC!

General Donation

Donate one-time or set up recurring monthly or annual unrestricted donations and help us find families for homeless animals.

Humane Heroes Fund

Be our Hero and donate to cover the cost of medical bills, food, equipment and more. Our Humane Heroes Fund covers the unexpected costs of animal care. 

Annual Membership

Team up with the MCAAC! Your annual membership helps us to continuously care for the animals that reside at our Center as they wait for their forever homes. 

First Friday $5

A donation of just $5.00 a month might seem small, but it helps us change the worlds of the animals in our care. 

Sponsor an Animal

Your donations offset the costs of animal care and sponsor a specific animal at our Center. Choose one of our animals and help us take care of them. 

Day Sponsor

Help us cover the costs of one day at our Center by sponsoring a full day at MCAAC. 

Wish List

Our animals have an ongoing wish list featuring items like blankets, nutritious treats, and toys. Donate these items in person at the Center and make a daily difference. 

Pet Food Pantry

The MCAAC pet food pantry strives to ensure that all animals in our community are well cared for.

Memorial Gifts

Honor or memorialize a loved one with a gift to help other animals in need. Other options include the pavers and naming rights below. 

Emergency Medical

Unexpected medical expenses can be costly. Your donation helps us with treatments and procedures, and care for the animals that come to us ill or injured. 

Legacy Society

If you are interested in including the MCAAC in your estate or will please contact us directly so that we may thank you! View our informational page by clicking below or email us at director@mc-aac.org.

Pavers and Naming

Commemorate the paws that graced your home with a memorial paver. Each personalized paver is carefully placed in our memorial patio.