• Commemorative Pavers: Honor a special pet, loved one or friend with a commemorative paver prominently displayed at the Center. Your personal inscription will forever celebrate the unique relationship you cherish or had with a beloved pet or friend. Your granite paver will be placed in the patio located off the community education room. If you are interested in a paver please fill out the form below. To purchase a paver, click here .

Paver Form IMG_0490

  • Day Sponsor: Help the Center by sponsoring operation costs for a day. Select a special day to honor someone or celebrate an occasion and we will display the love you’ve shared at the reception desk that day. To sponsor the center for a day, please fill out the form below and email marketing@macleananimaladoptioncenter.org

Day Sponsor Form day sponsor

  • Naming Rights: Our new building offers numerous opportunities for donors who wish to have their name on permanent display at the Center. Naming rights are still available, but only until all designated areas are sponsored. Prices vary, and can be pledged over three years. To view available naming rights and purchase information please click here for the form. For maps of the building’s available interior spots, click here to see the PDF’s. 

naming right

  • “Change Their World” Membership Program: Your membership makes a valuable difference. Collect and bring in your change once a month or choose to donate $182.50 annual or $15.20 monthly instead of bringing in your change. To participate please click here. 


  • Legacy Society: If you are interested in including the Maclean Cameron Animal Adoption Center into your Estate or Will, please e-mail director@macleananimaladoptioncenter.org or call us (406) 727-7387.
  • General Membership Program: 

                       Platinum Paw: $500 and up

                       Gold Paw: $300 and up

                       Silver Paw: $200 and up

                       Bronze Paw: $150 and up

                       Foundation Friend: $50 and up

                      Businesses can choose to join at the silver paw level or above.

To join, please click here.